Off Road Rentals


Hi! A note from our instructors.

Offroad Rentals uses 4 wheel off road vehicles (QUADS). That are capable of carrying a large person at safe speeds up and around the sand dunes at Windy Point (near Palm Springs, California, USA). Enjoy overviews of the Whitewater River, the Ponds, windmills, and the wind carved badlands of the Northern Coachella Valley Our Customers have experienced no serious injuries and very few minor injuries in the years we have operated on a full time basis. They just have a "great time" ... ask them!! We ride on sand dunes kept free of debris and supervise activities from a distance. Participants watch a brief video on the safe and ecologically aware operation of their vehicles. Instructions are designed to meet the needs of beginners and experienced riders ages 6 years and older. The vehicles we use are governed to suit the age, weight, and experience of the drivers.We describe to our customers a set of boundaries, well marked containing a myriad of trails, mini dunes and a giant sand hill which may be easily ascended after a little practice in the sandy flat lands. We provide and require safety equipment (eye protection and helmets) and we keep extra clothes, shoes, etc. on hand. Reservations are unnecessary, we are open 365 days a year 10:00am to sunset everyday, including holidays. During the summer (June, July, and August) call us for information. You are welcome to come and inspect our facilities. Walk through the train caboose and junk art sculptures and "ancient" underground structures. Free refreshments for all. See you at the pass!