Off Road Rentals


How do I get to Offroad Rentals?
From L.A. Take the Interstate 10 Freeway east toward Palm Springs, exit at Highway 111. Continue East on Highway 111 for 3 miles until you come to Offroad Rentals on the right, about 4 miles from the city limits of Palm Springs.

How much does does it cost to rent a quad at Offroad Rentals?
Rentals are $40 for 30-45 minute ride. When possible, we give riders extra time who obey the rules and cooperate.

Can two people ride one machine?
No. Under California State Law only a single rider is permitted.  It will also be too difficult to climb some of the hills if riding double. Another consideration is that rental costs are low, and quads are relatively easy to operate. 

Can young children ride?
Riders under six are not permitted. All riders must watch a safety film and participate in personal instruction and checkout. New and inexperienced riders must first practice on the flatlands.

Is a driver's license required?
No. Offroad On-Site Quad Rentals is on private property, therefore no driver's license is required under California State Law.

How long does a ride last?
We give you a 30 to 45 minute ride for only $40, 7 days a week even on weekends and holidays.  Riders who follow the rules and cooperate will be given extra time.

What kind of terrain is available for riding?
There are flat sandy areas, gentle grades, hills, dips, and steep grades - a variety of riding terrain for riders of different skill levels.

What about a safety helmet and glasses?
A liner, safety helmet, and goggles (or glasses if over 18) are provided to all riders.  Free soft drinks and drinking water is also provided.